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Mar 25 '12

another paragraph; can i get away with this?

my research paper is going swimmingly! but can i keep this up?

"In another example, Figure D illustrates the character Emma Frost dictating her disgust of the current situation to her pupils while simultaneously commenting on how she just finished teaching them how to implant erotic imagery into the minds of their enemies as sabotage. Disregarding the text, the figure of Emma Frost is outlined in a fierce hero pose, fists clenched and shoulders at an angle, ready to fight. However, her outfit says otherwise, with what seems to be an adhesive X-Men-inspired motif covering only the bare censorship essentials of her chest, and the zipper on her pants seems to have come partially undone. Her midriff and bust are exposed, drawing readers attention to her thin-ness and idealized features of her body. Even if Emma Frost was taking about the fine points of english tea varieties or some other equally dry conversation, her body would speak louder than her text, distracting the reader from anything besides the idea of her objectivity. Even if the idea of a confident, powerful, well-built and toned woman can feature as an idol for some as Maddox suggests, the technique of objectifying a character leads viewers to think of that characters body first and foremost, leaving every other notion of that character behind."

Mar 20 '12

dear tumblr. i need comic book sources!

you know how those posts are going around about the innacuracies of female characters in comic books? with their spines bent out of shape and ridiculous proportions? well, i’m writing my paper on the images in comic books of women and i need some juicy sources (like publisher, book # and page) that i can use to illustrate my point to infer that looking at these fictional chicks does weird stuff to people. they can be images of women with impossible proportions, ridiculous outfits, or that just tend to be shown in gender-biased situations. examples with pictures would be preferable, but i’m willing to do some digging to find them myself.

note: they can be from any comic, but the main ones i’m focusing on are DC, Marvel, Shonen Jump, Weekly Shonen Magazine, Chao, and Nakayoshi. i don’t have any examples currently from Chao or Nakayoshi so if you know some from those serializations PLEASE send them this way.

reblog this with sources and/or send me some at my email! especially if you find some really good ones! as long as they’re not pornographic serializations i can probably use anything you throw at me! 


Aug 9 '11