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Jan 26 '12

haha what is a shitty jotted down backstory?

spoiling my story if you read this don’t do it if you wanna follow the story as it goes (you might forget though so whatevs) the comparison between my newest character on the left and the one i’ve had writing around my head for months on the right.

holy poop you don’t need to read it it’s a wall of text 

Jan 26 '12
aaand another character concept in the works!~
i hope to get full bio pages for them and upload them to the story as the reader is introduced to the characters :O

aaand another character concept in the works!~

i hope to get full bio pages for them and upload them to the story as the reader is introduced to the characters :O

Jan 26 '12

a re-sketched sketch of a character from a writing work i’m currently in the process of forging. i’m going to do it similarly like the fan work The Goblet of Sick Fires (those who know will know, for those who don’t, it will be kind of like a light novel), except more wordy and with multiple editing sessions.

burn scars and body modificationnnn

Jan 23 '12


Hey hey tumblr’s working again so I can post this

Sally is a humanoid creature based off of the Salticidae family of spiders, more commonly called jumping spiders. I tried to make her more like a spider than a human, so she’s a little weird with the biology side of things… For instance, she breathes from the slits on her abdomen, and thus is completely mute. However she does have a diaphragm, a complex heart, and is endothermic; which are pretty important for an organism her size.

She can also jump over most buildings with ease and take down an ox with her venom! Luckily she’s rather shy and won’t bite people unless they’re trying to kill her or something.

Normally she hangs out like a hobo in some unpopulated area of land where there is a steady supply of small animals, but occasionally she is forced to moved. She dreads going out in public because it’s difficult for her to breathe under her skirt and clothes flatten the delicate little hairs she uses to sense vibrations (hear).

Also because there’s the chance of social interaction and people don’t know how to deal with a mute, half deaf person with weird bulges under her sweater. She wears a button declaring her inability to speak in the vain hope that no one will attempt to talk to her.

it’s not my personal style of design, if i were to make a spider character i’d do it a bit differently but the lower sketches are cute and i like the concept :>

Jan 18 '12




Adorable alien girls. 

These drawings are perfection.

Just follow this young lady.  ;3

oh have i mentioned my love for when people draw the trolls grotesque but still recognizable and oddly adorable yet

because these are perfect

oh my god i am in heaven