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Sep 29 '11



So I’ve listened to “I’m Just Your Problem” a bunch of times, and decided to put my own spin on how the song “should” have ended. This is for all of my fellow Bubblegum/Marceline fans! <3

I took some liberties with the melody and it’s not awesome (also hello awkward singing voice! I probably shouldn’t have tried to do both girls differently), but you get the idea.

Just as Marceline is about to fly off, angry at herself for almost admitting she wants to make up with Bubblegum…

Bubblegum: Wait!

Marceline I always wear your t-shirt
I wouldn’t if it hadn’t come from you.
I wear it every night as my pajamas,
it makes me feel so close to you.

You’re not a problem,
Maybe I’m the problem.

And I
get so nervous when I’m around you
‘Cause I
Can’t calculate what you’re going to do.

Can’t solve this problem,
can’t solve this problem…

Marceline flies down to Bubblegum’s level, looking at first surprised and then embarrassed, but smiling a little.

Bonnibel I guess I should admit it:
I’ve kind of always had a thing for you.
You’re smart and you’re so pretty and you’re perfect,
how could I ever compare to you?

You’re what I’m missing,
you’re what I’m missing…

Bubblegum (looking delighted, but a little shy):

Marceline I think I finally get it,
I feel the same way as you do.
Maybe we can work this out together,
we’re better as one than as two.

That’s why I want to
that’s why I want to…

Marceline slowly flies over to her. They smile at each other, then kiss.

This is absolutely fantastic! So adorable and perfect! Really, one of the cutest things ever! It gave me all the happy feelings!

Everyone should listen!

i’ll listen in the morning or tomorrow or something right now i really have to sleep - w-

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